LatIndian cultural events in London

About Us

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 LatIndian Events provides you with an Authentic & Cultural Latin Experience with a Difference: – By delivering fusion music & dance themed events that aim to bring cultures together, showcase Live Latin American culture through music, dance, food & costume.


Created in 2019 by Abhijit after running Latin cultural events mainly for people who were not of Latin American origin but like and embrace the culture.

Seeing cultural similarities between Latin American Countries and India – my country of origin.
Following my passion of Latin American Culture since childhood.

What makes LatIndian Events Unique

Creativity of offerings – in delivering themed events for family, friends and artists – Colombia Masala (Cultural event bringing similar cultures of Colombia and India together through music, dance, food, drink & costume; CarnivaLatina – Showcasing Live Latin American Culture through music & dance; Fiesta De Picnic – Picnic event with live music and dance classes; DominGoLatino – Sunday Go Latin themed event; SalsaTrain – Newly formed event with Salsa classes in collaboration with Dominic Blaquiere.

Execution – of the event through giving customers an experience to remember that they might not get unless they go to a very Latin place with Latin people.

Authenticity – Through my connections & collaborations within the Latin community (Latino Life, Children Change Colombia Charity, Latin American Network, Musicians & Artists and bringing Latin people to these events.

Dom’s Bio

All aboard! Dom brings over 20 years of Salsa dance experience to the SalsaTrain. Some more facts:

1) Style is Predominately L.A. on 1 Cuban fusion;

2) Placed 1st in the Tropicana Tropics World Open Salsa Championship (Ama Division) 2003;

3) Performed with a team of dancers at the 2005 UK salsa congress;

4) Placed as runner up in the European Open Salsa Championships (Cab 2007);

5) Instructed for many salsa promoters within the UK and Internationally in the past 12 years.

During lockdown, Dom launched his weekly music show “Sundown Salsa Live” on Mixcloud (This has been moved to Tuesday evenings at 9pm).



– Your fabulous hosting skills make everyone feel welcome. You get round to talk to everyone, introduce like-minded people & generally give off a great vibe. Virtually everyone got up & danced. Good teachers. The whole afternoon was really chilled & relaxed. Everyone pleased themselves & chatted or danced when they wanted to. Mary (Salsa Fiesta De Picnic – July 2021)

We had so much fun at our first SalsaTrain event last week, the lessons & the music are brilliant.  What a great night with such a good people.  Can’t wait to see you all again next week. – Jesus (Aug 2021)

Thanks for the Mojito Magic & Salsa event yesterday.  These events are always lots of fun, & great to meet new people.  All very nice. – Claudia (Oct 2021)

-I had a really good time at Mojito Magic & Salsa last night – my first event and I shall be back – Havana (Oct 2021)

SalsaTrain Spooktacular was a such a lovely, cosy, friendly event & I had a lot of lovely dances – I look forward to Colombia Masala – Patricia (Oct 2021)

– Good time on at Spooktacular.  Was a bit surprised to hear some other styles of music but it was a great mixture & great to dance to – Bobby  (Oct 2021)

– Thank for your organising Colombia Masala.  Lots of fun, the food was very nice (especially the Aji) & surrounded by nice people – Alejandra (Nov 2021)

Colombia Masala was a great night as usual.  We all had a superb time embracing the cultures of Colombia & India – Mina (Nov 2021)

Colombia Masala was my first LatIndian Events night.  I had a really nice time & thank you for introducing me to other people – James (Nov 2021)

 – I really did enjoy Colombia Masala and the food. I have even bought some of the Colombian coffee it was so good – Patricia (Nov 2021)

Colombia Masala was a lovely night for us and I found special how Colombians and Indians encountered different music and food and into so many similarities we have at the same time, in the events you are organizing. – Lucero (Nov 2021)

– I had a great time at Feliz Navidad, my 1st event,  thanks for hosting a great event – Monica (Dec 2021)

 – SalsaTrain Movie Magic Xmas Party was a really lovely evening, not too crowded and great live singer to dance salsa too. I look forward to your next Salsa event – Christina (Dec 2021)

Fiesta De Cumpleanos was a great event, lots of friendly folks and great vibe, music, classes and dancing.  Thank you for organising – Monique (Feb 2022)

– I Love SalsaTrain Party  was a really great night…the music was fab.  I’ll be coming to the weekly SalsaTrain classes. Tammy (Mar 2022)

 – SalsaTrain Weekly Classes – We learn the basic salsa steps in a very comfortable environment & like how everyone is so friendly & helpful.  The special 1-1 lessons within a class with Trish & Carol help too. We are looking forward to the next class and will try the improvers one too – Priya & Casey (Apr 2022)

 – SalsaTrain’s Easter EggsTravaganza party was the best night I’ve had so far since we came out of Lockdown – Ania (Apr 2022)

 – SalsaTrain’s Easter EggsTravaganza was really great & I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a pleasure to meet you and my compliments to you & all those involved as you really run the extra mile in order to make sure everything is OK & well above the expectations. I’ve been really impressed by the way the party was organised.  Congratulations really – Cesare (Apr 2022).

– Thank you for the great evening and experience.  Colombia Masala was absolutely fabulous & we will make sure to come by when next time in London – Miriam (May 2022).

SalsaTrain’s Birthday Latin Soul All day BBQ – Very well organised & plenty of information provided prior to the event. I had not done Salsa before but found the teacher very good. I found everybody friendly and the BBQ was also very good. You yourself were very friendly and basically catered to everybody’s needs.  Overall I would certainly attend another of your events – Bruce (July 2022).

– SalsaTrain’s Birthday Latin Soul All day BBQ – Thank you.  We had a great time, everything was perfect.  Music was great too. – Angela (July 2022).

 – I enjoyed Colombia Masala, the Cumbia lesson and the samosas were very good.  My first event and I shall be back – Josephine (Oct 2022)

 – We both had a fabulous time at Colombia Masala.  Thanks for creating such an enjoyable & different event.  I shall tell friends next time – Tricia (Oct 2022)

 – SalsaTrain’s Society Ball – The music, atmosphere, ambiance, organisation, decorations, optics, company & dancing, even the dance cards was on point.  I appreciate the effort put in to make the night enjoyable & memorable – Juliet (Nov 2022)

 – All the organisation & time it takes to put these events together is much appreciated.  I was looking forward to SalsaTrain’s Society Ball, it exceeded my expectations.  Love you guys – Kellie (Nov 2022)

– I enjoyed my first lesson at SalsaTrain immensly.  Will definately be back and have told some of my friends too – Jacque (Nov 2022)

– I had lots of fun at SalsaTrain’s Broadway Masquerade & loved the dance scenes where I was given a rose by a guy to dance (Paola/Rosie) (Feb 2023)

– Hats off to you for organising, in spite of a few obstacles, an awesome Colombia Masala event with the introductory classes of differing dancing styles of Colombia & India.  Personally I thoroughly enjoyed myself & thank you for making it happen – Rajeev (Mar 2023)

 – I loved the Rueda class & dance at SalsaTrain’s Spring Rueda Special.  We learnt a lot from the teacher.  I had gone somewhere to learn La Rueda de Casino quite recently & didn’t learn as much in 4 weeks as I did on Saturday – Alison (Apr 2023)

 – Come on board the SalsaTrain – great salsa community and great people.  Thanks to make me enjoy my job so much a pleasure to share my teaching with you all – Niko Valiente (Salsa, Bachata and Rueda Teacher at SalsaTrain’s Noche de Niko night) – (May 2023)

 – Thank you for recording us dancing.  Much appreciated for the time & effort you put into getting everything together.  I can share with my mum in Japan.  Looking forward to boarding the SalsaTrain again the 2 weeks – Junko (May 2023).

 – I like SalsaTrain at Selhurst Railway Club.  Its ridiculously close, I like Dom’s teaching style & the way he breaks down the lead for the leaders.  The standard of dance is about my level.  The fellow SalsaTrain passengers are friendly & welcoming & the wine is only £3.50 a glass. – Daisy (June 2023).

– Thanks for a great afternoon at Roti n RumBa.  Was nice to meet you all too.  Definately ready for some Salsa Lessons in Wimbledon – Nicole (July 2023).

 – Thanks for such a fantastic party @ StarNight Express.  Everyone made an effort to dress up as we know the SalsaTrain is a judgement free zone & inclusive.  I talked to many people who came for the 1st time & they fully enjoyed themselves.  You are a great recruiter.  Thank you for these entertainments and all the work you do behind the scenes – Junko (July 2023)

– Congratulations on a really successful first cruise event on Rock the Boat.  Hats off to you for achieving such a brave step – Derek (Sep 2023)

 – Thank you all for putting on such a fab night at Colombia Family Masala.  I arrived with an open mind & left with a mind full of great memories.  Everyone was so welcoming.  Loved the “family” vibe and ecelectic mix – music, dance, heart & soul.  Look forward to joining you all again – Carmen (Oct 2023)

 –Colombia Family Masala was a wonderful family friendly event & I loved the cultural mix.  That’s my idea of heaven.  It was so good to see people of different nationalities & ages dancing together with salsa as the bonding ingredient.  You’ve developed a wonderful thing with this event – Jen (Oct 2023)

 – Thank you & Dom for the incredible Halloween SalsaTrain’s NightFright.  The attention to detail in the venue’s decorations truly made the night magical & I appreciate the time & effort you both dedicated to make it special.  It was a spooktacular evening of dance & fun – Junko (Oct 2023)

 – Beautiful ladies & gents at The Society Ball.  Tx for setting up a wonderful scene & preparation to closing & Natalie’s brilliant lessons – Junko (Nov 2023)

 – Thank for the enjoyable Birthday Bond.  Happy music, friendly people, nice theme, interesting conversations, gr8 dancing & a lot of fun – Keith (Feb 2024)

 – Thank you SalsaTrain team, behind the scenes helpers, bar staff & cocktail makers for making Birthday Bond a truly fabulous evening – Juliet (Feb 2024)

 – Thank you to everyone involved for the organisation & running of what was a great triple birthday celebration at Birthday Bond – Gwen (Feb 2024)

 – We had a great line on SalsaTrain’s Merton Line & are looking forward to challenging ourselves in future.  Such a different experience as neither of us have really learned in a class, mainly on the dancefloor.  But here’s to improving.  – Corrine & Laz (Mar 2024)